Various projects are currently ongoing, such as clothes, marketing methods, equipment, energy, and zero disposal, and the 2021SS will start to completely original and switch to packing materials that are conscious of "environment". To that way.

Even though I was particular about comfortable fabric, I felt that the packaging materials that wrapped clothes were left to the agenda, and I felt that I would like to change to a package using FSC forest authentication paper.

The first thing we can do is to gain more knowledge.

"If we don't have knowledge, we can't tell and we can't proceed with a sense of speed."

The staff exchanges opinions with each other in consideration of things that can be worked on the theme as Bibiy. We aim to zero disposal even when developing original products. I want to buy an appropriate amount, sell it and send it to everyone who wants it during the appropriate period we think. There is no extra amount for that. In addition, as much as possible, the material used in the original product will be switched to a material that proves that the environment and human rights are considered.


"There is no future for fashion unless you work on sustainability seriously."

We BIBIY. We want to provide happiness, fun, and crushing emotions through the world view and clothes that are unique to BIBIY.



Bibiy. / Yuyukmt 2021, Feb 23th.