BIBIY. Made Please be careful about imitation products for products

Thank you for your continued patronage of BIBIY.
Currently, we have a lot of inquiries about "similar and imitation products".
For some products sold by us,
It has been confirmed that similar items and counterfeit products are distributed, mainly on mail order sites and flea market sites.
Inviting customer's confusion by similar and imitation products,
In addition, customers purchased these similar and counterfeit products,
We are worried that it will not be possible to guarantee or exchange with genuine products when used.
These imitation products have a large different quality, such as dough and sewing.
We are constantly responding to such malicious distributors,
This is also a situation where you can't keep up.
Therefore, you can buy it so that you do not accidentally buy similar or counterfeit products.
Please use our official website (
At our company, we continue to have customers purchase products with confidence.
In order to use it safely, we will further enhance the alerts to similar and imitation products.
Even for customers, when purchasing
Please note.
We look forward to your continued support of BIBIY.




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