BIBIY. 22SS "breath of spring"

Bibiy.'s 21SS "Breath of Spring" Collection features the Melina Tweed Series, a 3 item series that brings a joyful spring feeling while keeping Bibiy.'s sweet and spicy essence.
 The Melina Tweed Series showcases a bustier top, short pants and long pants. A tweed fabric is hardly seen as a top, but Bibiy. encourages you to layer it up and enjoy a timeless look with a playful and modern twist. You can wear the Melina Tweed Series as a set up or simply as the key piece of your look. 

" b r e a t h. o f  s p r i n g "

A warm memory and a never-ending spring.

The feeling of freedom and new beginnings. 

The sound of the day and the perfume of the wind.

And the sun whispering above us.

Saying -breath in, breath out.
-Breath in, light up;
-And blossom.