WWD.JAPAN × Bibiy.

Wwd.japan x bibiy.


[Instagram brand "Vivi" is a good -looking founder, making clothes that are more than 100 points for compromise]




 A conversation between "WWD Japan" x "BIBIY."

BIBIY. Producer Yuyukmt talked about BIBIY.

"WWD" summarizes the real voice of the producer, the thoughts for everyone, and the passion for bibiy.

Please read it by all means.



"WWD Japan" is a weekly information paper for everyone involved in fashion, from industry officials to students who are aiming for the industry and those who are sensitive to trends. In particular, in the industry, many people, from the top of a wide range of companies, such as luxury brands, designer brands, manufacturers, department stores, and select shops, have been reading. Fashion is a mirror that reflects the times and has gained support from outside the industry, including developers and management consultants, beauty, lifestyle, IT, and entertainment -related companies.